Celebrity and Military Endorsements

Ray "Cash" Care


 A truly inspiring and inspirational must-read that goes over the trials and tribulations involved with PTSD and soldiers returning home who are trying to adapt and find their inner peace. I am a firm believer that educating our troops is key so they can identify, seek treatment, and spread the word on how to tackle this demon. See, war is not a pretty thing, and each individual deals with it in his or her own way. Even though the topic is hard to digest, the book was an amazing wealth of knowledge. I hope that if any service member is in pain or knows of someone in pain, please, please, please, read A Warrior's Garden and seek out the proper treatment. 

Sharon K. Ball, LPC-MHSP


 There are times when only life experience can really connect with the heart.  Malachias' story offers warriors active or returning home to connect and find possible solutions for PTSD recovery.  His combined knowledge and experience provides a easy to understand proactive approach to addressing the trauma warriors go through. The journey to find wholeness after war is complicated and traumatic in and of itself, do not go it alone. Malachias has journeyed through this process and is passionate about alternatives to the traditional approach to PTSD recovery!   Use Malachias and his story as a road map to start your journey of healing!  Be proactive with your mental and physical health.   

Boone Cutler


This is a book by a Warfighter for Warfighters. It's about how he came home from war and dealt with his funky funk. I highly recommend that everyone goes out and gets a copy of this book. 

John Renken-The Fighting Preacher


 I have known Doc for quite a few years.  He is a great friend who has been through some stuff.  What I love about him and A Warrior's Garden is that he connected God, nature and warriors in a way that is very needed today.  If you have been through any type of trauma I would highly encourage you to get his book and reach out to him. 

Boone Cutler

Boone Cutler talking about A Warrior's Garden