The A Warrior’s Garden Podcast is about inspiring those who have been exposed to trauma to alternative options to therapy, self-therapy, and a healing or therapeutic journey. The largest and easiest pitfall that veterans, first responders, and others with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) fall into is becoming sedentary. Healing does not start while you are sitting on the couch waiting for things to get better. It does not start filling yourself with negative coping mechanisms such as alcohol, excessive sleep, isolation, and vegetating on your couch watching a streaming service. While they are ok distractions they do not instigate or start the mind and body on a path to healing.

With A Warrior’s Garden I simply mapped out all the different things I have tried for myself and areas I felt were lacking. We have three areas that we need to look at when creating our positive and healthy coping mechanism. Spiritual, Creative/mental, and Physical. Once we designate something for each one it becomes easier to start finding reasons to get off the couch and start moving in a positive and forward direction. It is 100% about getting up. Getting Active. Getting connected.

So join me for the ride of a life time and let us start a motivated and disciplined journey of healing and growth. Let us turn “PTSD” into “PTSG” and erase the stigma!