Warfighter Gardens

Our Signature Charity


Warfighter Gardens is a 501c3 that focuses on using alternative self-therapy methods for treating PTSD specifically gardening, agriculture, and music therapies. We service Veterans, Law enforcement, First Responders, and their families. Our founders are Malachias Gaskin, Retired Army veteran having served 17 years and two Tours in Iraq and Mike Nelson who served 14 years and one tour in Iraq.

EIN 81-4794313

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Scars and Stripes Coffee

About Scars and Stripes Coffee

 Each Veteran that signs-up for their ecommerce business obtains a unique Veteran's code. When their customer orders coffee, shirts, or accessories; the customer will be instructed to input their billing and shipping information but most importantly the customer will be asked to input the Veteran's code. At the end of the month, the Veteran will get a direct deposit fund into their account for a percentage of their monthly sales. Commission will be paid monthly at 30% of the gross sale. This is a novel opportunity to help a Veteran that you personally know by directly putting money in their pocket and buying a fantastic cup of coffee. If you do not have a Veteran Code then you will enter the word "soldier" for the Veteran Code. The 30% commission will be held in an account and at the end of the year the total in the account will be divided among all the team members in the program.  

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Use Veteran Code AWARRIORSGARDEN and 30% of your purchase goes to Warfighter Gardens.